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Flexibility and Adaptability
Always be flexible when dealing with customers’ requirements and the changing environment.

Respect of human rights
All our factories operate under international human rights standards and with Federated agreed and ISO requirements.

Respect of cultures
Co-workers and business partners come from different cultures so we believe the multi-cultured environment create a dynamic and fresh spirit in our work which eventually benefits our customers.

Be creative and innovate
“Creativity” and “innovation” are our competitive edges. We manage all garment categories, ranging from designer labels to large distribution product lines, our corporate objectives are to broaden our business scope and always seek quality and enhance R&D ability, in order to provide quality products at the most competitive price.

Entrepreneurial spirit
Inheriting the spirit of entrepreneurship, Celton Group’s organizational structure is integrated to foster overall efficiency, productivity and creativity. Our teams are highly motivated, dynamic, creative and energetic.


Celton has specially established QA &QC department to ensure all output fulfills international standards before delivery to customers.

The QA & QC department has two QA managers (one for the US market and one for EU market) and several QC teams. The role of QA manager is to supervise manufacturing to fully understand and fulfill customers’ requirements and at the same time, meet the US & EU textile standards. Our QC managers are stationed at the manufacturing sites until the production is completed.

On the procedure side, Celton has defined a series of strict internal inspection procedure guidelines. QC managers should closely follow them to ensure our output fulfills the import country’s requirements and quality standards.

The Acceptable Quality Level (AQL), Celton is adopting is AQL level II. At this level, it is 2.5 for major and 4.0 for minor to identify the quality of all productions. We also welcome internationally recognized quality companies to evaluate our production facilities and procedures.


Merchandising team
Our merchandising teams are based in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Bangladesh to guarantee all orders are finished on time with exact specifications; fulfill customer’s quality requirement at the most reasonable prices.

Design & Product Development team
To provide the best consultation an advice to our customers, Celton developed a full range sample development procedure in Hong Kong and Southern China. The facility creates a profession flow from sketching to sample developing thus we are able to develop and alternate the samples in a very prompt manner.

Sales Marketing team
A brilliant and creative sales and marketing team not only provides the latest market information, but also the most creative and inspired marketing and promotion initiatives to help our customers grasp the sales turnover and maximize the market share.

Financial and Logistic team
Our support teams based in Hong Kong headquarters gives the best services internally and more importantly, provide our customer with the most reliable logistical support round the clock.


Celton provides our existing and future customers:

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